Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Egg Collective: The New Organic

I was just in NYC for the Architectural Digest Design Show.  I love going to shows abroad because it exposes me to such amazing talents that sometimes I would never hear of. There were a few that definitely caught my eye and I thought to focus my next few blog posts on the ones I loved!

The first, called Egg Collective is a Brooklyn based design company focused on building American made furniture made with the care of an heirloom but with a modern aesthetic. They have  a big focus on either purchasing items that are made locally or produce everything in house, which I think shows a lot about their integrity to their product.

The paired down aesthetic is what I like to call the New Organic. Subtle colours mixed with metals such as copper and gold really play so well off each other. The trend is now with softer, washed out wood tones and the use of natural elements such as travertine that has such a fluid quality.

Above our just a few of my fave pieces!

Check Out:

Egg Collective

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