Friday, February 15, 2013

Up-Cycled Chic

I love anything up-cycled. It is an on trend word in design meaning taking something that you would normally throw away or not think about using in a chic space and turning it out to make something fabulous! This is not only a great way of making your space look one of kind but also something eco-friendly, the earth could use a little less garbage after all.

Here is a look that we love that we have found on-line and a list of items of how you can achieve this look in your own space. We have used palettes found in dumpsters or behind commercial spaces for a lot of different uses from tables to wall art. Using it as a headboard is genius!!! For those that are not so DIY inclined, we have given you a bed that could also work to get this look.

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1. Stag Wall Decor - $189.00

2. Bjornloka Bedding - $44.99

3. Burrows Bed - $849.00

4. Cyber Table Lamp - $119.00

Compiled by Ijmal Haider, Junior Designer at Alykhan Velji Design

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