Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wood floors with a twist: Jamie Beckwith Collection

Jamie Beckwith is an interior designer based out of Nashville and started her firm in 2006. She has recently started the Jamie Beckwith collection, which is a truly inspiring line of wood tiles. It combines art, functionality, versatility, and innovation. The line is very organic and combines style and the warmth of traditional hardwood, but with the architectural edge of mid century. She has paid very close attention to detail from the shape and design down to the way these tiles reflect and play with light. The patterns have a contemporary feel and combined with such a traditional material they foster the best of both worlds and can be used in so many different types of spaces. Jamie Beckwith has definitely opened the door for much more to be expected with wood tiling and flooring.  

Contributed by Ijmal Haider (Intern at Alykhan Velji Design)

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Jamie Beckwith Collection

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