Friday, November 9, 2012

Julie Jenkinson

While walking on Queen Street West, one of my favourite streets to shop at in Toronto a few months back, I decided to venture into a store called INabstracto. I was greeted by two wonderful stylish ladies and was taken by everything in the store. One of the stylish gals, was Julie Jenkinson, a Toronto based artist/designer and the other was the owner, Kate.

I of course gravitated towards to the gorgeous textiles that were displayed and shortly learned that Julie was the designer. the lovely abstract patterns are amazing and come in forms of wallpaper, fabrics, pillows, bow ties and pyjamas. The simple animal line drawings repeated create an almost modern damask pattern that has such an organic quality.

I love anything that is unique and makes a statement and I believe that Julie Jenkinson's work does just that. I had to have the bow tie and wore it one of my segments for The Marilyn Denis Show and it was a hit. So, thank you Julie for creating such amazing designs and INabstracto for having such a fabulous store with such unique finds!

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Julie Jenkinson

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