Thursday, March 1, 2012

Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild

Starting out in 1987, the house of Chrisitan Lacroix has created a buzz in the fashion world with its  gypsy and Provencal traditions and by the flamboyant Haut Couture scene in Paris and London during the 60's.

The collection aptly named Air de Paris, is gorgeous to put it mildly. Lovely soft patterns mixed in with geometric stripes are a perfect juxtaposition. Just think bourgeois style mixed with boho/industrial chic!

Check out:

Air de Paris Collection

Sacha Walkoff on his Air de Paris collection:

"This story is of many journeys. It is the journey of one woman
from Arles to her new home in cosmopolitan Paris. The crackle of magic
in the meeting of these two cities the mixing airs of two worlds, perfumes
in the empty room with an essence of something entirely newborn. In the
journey from Arles to Paris we pick up mementos en route and reference
to iconic elements which, are part of the eclectic heritage of the
house of Lacriox"

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