Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top Five Faves at IDS Toronto

I really enjoyed my time in Toronto last week as I got to attend the Interior Design Show (IDS Toronto). I was an invited guest of BLANCO Canada as I am a part of the KDC (Kitchen Design Council). We had some great meetings over the days that I was there and also attended the show to get inspired. Being my first time at IDS, I was thrilled to see some fabulous looking booths and features that caught my eye.
Although it was tough to pick, here are my top 5 fave finds at this years show:

1. Nanton Coatrack by PALETTE INDUSTRIES
Seriously? Could it get any better? A coat rack in the shape of an electrical pole is perfect! It provides function and also looks so sculptural. This is a part of their NU(IS)ANCES series where they are creating a series set to reinterpret and reclaim public irritants. A great concept and what makes it even better is that they are from Calgary. Way to represent! 

2. Tensegrity Spaceframe by BARTOSIK
A gorgeous piece of electrical genius. Could be used for many installations and creates such a graphic statement. Based on two Kenneth Snelson sculptures: 'Needle Tower' - 1968 and 'City Boots' - 1968. Utilizing Snelson's structural discovery, appropriated and popularized by Buckminster Fuller as 'Tensegrity, new possibilities of light forms emerge whereby the light source and its electrical wire work mutually in compression and tension to produce a seemingly discontinuous field of light defined by it.

3. Chantilly Chandelier by Living Lighting 
A fabulous piece just launched at the show, this amazing light fixture is glam and rock & roll wrapped into one. It's versatility also really caught by attention as I could see it in many different spaces. Made with chain that is draped so elegantly, I found it to be a knock out! 

4. Silk Orchid Collection by ELTE
This project has been in the making for a couple of years and is made with Vintage Sari Fabrics from Jaipur, India. The Sari's are collected, unravelled, and then hand knotted into these exceptional, one of a kind masterpieces. I especially love the patterns that are created that are inspired by antique ikat fabrics. This really is a true transformation of beauty. 

5. BY_LISSONI Lounge
An breathtaking space created by LISSONI. The palette was a play on neutrals with a mix of natural textures and a hint of tribal. This was one of the best spaces that I saw at the show as it truly spoke to my aesthetic of decorating. A mix of everything from luxe, tribal, organic, modern, glamourous... but all working together create a space that was sophisticated and chic. Oh, and you can't forget the books with the backs removed. So perfect! 

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