Thursday, June 30, 2011

Highbanks Highlights

I was asked to design a suite for a charity called Highbanks here in the city a while back. There were some delays and hurdles however, the project was completed last week. Highbanks is a charity that helps young women with affordable housing so that they can get back on their feet and continue their education.

Our approach to the design was to keep the space fun, modern, inspiring and a of course little sassy! We also incorporated some midcentury elements, eco-friendly options, and easy to clean surfaces.

We truly hope that whomever gets to live in the suite is inspired to take on the world!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the suppliers that donated their time and product to the suite:

Cabinetry: HP WOODWORK
Tile/Counter Tops: ICON STONE and TILE
Accessories: HOMESENSE
Plumbing fixtures: ROYAL FLUSH
Window Coverings: THAN’S DRAPERY

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Protein Design- baba Stool

On my trip to Paris, I met a fellow designer by the name of Katarzyna Herman-Janeic, founder of Protein Design. We met while on a bike tour around Paris. I noticed her right away with her stylish outfit and gorgeous vintage glasses! We chatted and exchanged emails and when I checked out her site, I was struck by her fabulous furniture designs. I love how she keeps it modern whilst incorporating her Polish heritage with the use of textiles.

One piece that stuck out was the baba Stool. I love the kitschy quality of the stool and find the legs to be especially fun. The stool can be customized to any colour and style of upholstery. I could see the stool being incorporated in so many different spaces from kids rooms to modern living spaces.

I wish Katarzyna the best of luck with her ventures and hope to see some of her designs in Canada soon!!!

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Patio Party- Before and After

This month my article for New Home Living Magazine is all about Patios and how to make the most of them. Thanks to the fab products at PC Home Everday Living, I amped up my front patio with some great finds.

Creating a seating area near the end of the patio, defined with a fab striped outdoor carpet helped to make use of that space. We placed large evergreens to add some privacy and used the bright yellow side tables as a coffee table. Of course we have to have some pattern so the outdoor cushions we added to the seating arrangement give us some drama.

A couple of bistro sets in front of the window in a modern white give us ample room to put drinks and eats. The corner of the deck is utilized by creating a vignette with a side chair from the set, side table, and 2 great planters.

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And the winner is....

Sunday night was the finale of My Rona Home and I extremely proud to say that the winner was BLUE!!!!!!!!! What an amazing feeling to win and I could not be happier for my family. All the weeks of hard work, late nights, design dilemmas, muddy shoes, snow, sleet and rain have paid off as the Ausmus's are now proud owners of a fabulous new home, fully furnished and expertly decorated (If I can just toot my own horn for a second!)! I really don't think that I could have asked for a better team to work with, it took a little convincing on TRUSTING the designer, however in the end we created a gorgeous home and I could not be happier!!!

Thank you to all those that voted on a regular basis and made this happen. Much love!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Joe Fresh Style

Yesterday marked the grand opening of the Joe Fresh store in Cross Iron Mills in Calgary. I was invited to attend the VIP launch. The spacious modern store was sleek and contemporary. Everything was merchandised in signature Joe style with colour blocking and the clothes really spoke for themselves. Gorgeous prints, nautical themes and the prices that are just right.

It was great to meet Joe Mimram himself and to get his thoughts on his line and to get the scoop on 2 stores opening up in New York, right on 5th Ave! How fabulous! Fingers crossed that we can get an invite to that. I also spoke with the marketing team and gave them some thoughts on what I wanted to see with the line and am happy to report that the fall collection will have more tailored clothes!

Thank you to the fabulous ladies at Tara Parker Tait for hosting a great party, amazing food, and for filling the space with amazing fashionable people in Calgary! Can't wait until the next one!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Europe shots- Paris

Anyone that knows me knows that I love to take photos. I recently purchased a new camera to take on my Europe trip and came back with over 800 photos! I know, crazy, right?! I just love documenting amazing things that I see and going through all the photos when I am back, it reminds me of the beauty that I saw.

For the next 2 posts I will be showcasing inspiring shots from my trip. The first being Paris. So many fabulous areas to explore and things to see: Latin quarter, Montmatre, and the Mairet. My breath was taken away from how beautiful everything was. Every corner you turned, there was something else to see. Canada is so new that for the most part, we don't have that history in our architecture so it was so amazing to be surrounded by such historical beauty. With that said, there was also a modern side that juxtaposed with all the history, was perfect!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

STYLE ICON:Bill Cunningham

It has been a while since I have had a style icon on the blog and after chatting with a couple of friends the other day I thought it was about time and Bill Cunningham is a great fit. For those that don't know, he is a photographer for the New York Times. Having a page every Sunday in the times showcasing street fashion that he photographs on a daily basis.

I went to watch a documentary on this amazing man last night called Bill Cunningham: New York. The film was extraordinary and his love of fashion, style, and people is like nothing I have ever seen. One quote from the movie that I loved was " The streets are the real fashion show not the runways." So true! His remarkable way of photographing people on the streets and according to Anna Wintour, be one to catch new trends that she misses on the runways is remarkable.

He is loved by many, envied by many more however, the movie really showcases him as a simple person. Not one to care about wealth, celebrity status, or getting paid. He does it because he loves it and puts 200% into each one of his features for the Times. Something we should all take and learn from.

Although he is not someone who takes a lot of care into what he is wearing (a blue smock he picked up in Paris that serves simply a utilitarian purpose), having photographed the likes of Iris Apfel, Anna Piaggi, Anna Wintour and countless other fashion elite he deserves the kudos of Style Icon for his love of fashion and everything that he has given to fashion.

Check out the trailer to his documentary:

Check out his video diary about his Sunday feature:

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fab find in Montmatre

I stumbled upon this store while walking around one of my favorite areas in Paris, Montmatre. The area was filled with the most amazing shops, cafes, and buildings and because it was on top of a hill provided fantastic views of the city.

Seeing the exterior of Corpus Christi, I knew I had to go in. The store was an eclectic mix of antlers, taxidermy, skulls and had a beachy vibe (what more could you ask for?). I was so in love with not only the store and how it looked but the gorgeous accessories that were on display (and displayed so well).

The pieces were gorge! All hand made with a look that I hadn't seen before. Earthy and bohemian and made with detail and style in mind. From looking at their pages, they have obviously accessorized many a french star and I believe it. I obviously could not leave without getting a little something so I picked up a sliver necklace with a arrow pendant as well as a little pin to put on the lapel of a blazer that has skull on it. REBEL, I know! My experience was perfect.

Seriously, if you are ever in Paris. This shop is a must!

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