Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Refined Modern

I recently finished a project that I am extremely proud of. The client that I had really allowed me to go all out with the design and trusted my judgement in all choices we had to make.

The result: a gorgeous modern space that really suites my clients taste. It is so fabulous when your clients trust your judgement fully. The project started off with him wanted to renovate the kitchen. He had decided to go with the PoggenPohl kitchen and then everything just snow balled from there. A renovation is addicting!

The kitchen is a show piece. Done in a glossy red lacquer, it exudes modern! I love it because it is galley style but doesn't feel cramped or closed in. We achieved this by creating one full wall of cabinetry and leaving the opposite wall free of upper cabinets. Having a love of cooking, this kitchen had to have everything!

The open plan of the space really meant that we had to be consistent with the colour palette on the main floor. We went with deep greys and browns to warm up the space but then added some bold, high impact pieces such as the artwork in the dining room by Darcy Lundgren and pillows in the living room from 4Living. The carpet is my own design (Afera Colelction available at RugShop) and the Pebble table is from Domicile. It was something that we came across that was totally unexpected but yet works perfectly in the space.

The bedroom is a show stopper, we did the feature wall in a stunning Colefax and Fowler flocked damask wallpaper. This was our starting point for the room. We then purchased a bed from EQ3 which really helped out budget and upholstered the headboard in a fabulous Designers Guild fabric to add a custom touch. Mirrored side tables add some glamour to the space as does the luxurious bedding, again from Designers Guild.

Fashion Central Opening

Feb 4, 2010 was the opening of Fashion Central here in Calgary. This wonderfully updated building has been in the works for a year or so now and finally opened it's doors. I like to think of it as an Urban Mall, a place where local designers and retail vendors can come together and live harmoniously. All with a cute cafe on the main floor to enjoy a little late after some much needed retail therapy.

The night was filled with the who's who of the Calgary Fashion scene including Carl Abad, Shelly Solarz of Parlour Magazine, Jason Krell of Jason Krell Communications, Kelly Doody of Page 6 in the Calgary Sun, Perry Mah of Outlooks Magazine, Karla Poppisal Stylist, and Adejoke Taiwo of Alala Designs.

Too Hot to Handle!

FariyTales Presentation Society put on an event at the Glenbow Museum called Too Hot To Handle. It was a showcase of Paul Wong's current video installation at the Glenbow. It was a series of photos and videos basically profiling his experience at the Gay Rodeo.

After this, there was a presentation of his other works. Small video clips depicting himself in different circumstances. It was quite unusual to say the least but quite interesting to watch. One of my favorites was his video photo collage of photos that he has taken in the last year. It was neat to see how they all started to meld together and almost created some movement within the still photographs. This installation is currently being showcased on the streets of Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics!

Also check out another one of Paul's projects for the Olympics entitled '5' Five Site-Specific Events.

Get Your Sexy On!

The Style Lounge on Jan 27th featured a Get Your Sexy On party. Featuring many different retailers showcasing their wears in jewelry and fashion. Our friends Karen Judge, BR Piri, and Kim Flannigan, some of the most fashionable ladies in Calgary help to put this great event on. It's just a fun night to come out, mix and mingle, and enjoy a few cocktails while perusing some amazing fashionable finds.

I too had a little to do with the event. With it being so close to Valentines Day, I decided to share some tips on how to make your Bedroom a Boudoir of LOVE:

1. Color

It's the easiest and quickest way to set the mood of a room. Red is normally the colour of romance and intrigue but often results in feelings of anxiety and tension. Stay away from reds as an overall colour in the bedroom and use it as accents.
Purple, on the other hand, invokes an exotic, sensual feeling while still keeping the feel nice and relaxed. You can use deeper shades of purple such as eggplant to give your bedroom a more cozy and romantic feel. Good choices include medium to dark shades of purple, blue, green, brown, grey and orange. Great accent colors include red, black, pink, and white.

2. Bed Play

Nothing kills romance more than having to have a jump start to get on your bed. Stay away from getting triple mattresses on your king size bed, not only will the scale not work and it will kill the mood… imagine if you feel off? Not a good scene.
Stick with beds that are medium height if you like a more traditional look or go with a low platform bed for a more modern feel. This will make it easy for you to climb in and out of bed… and seductively might I add.

3. Luxurious Bedding

Nothing says ROMANTIC like an amazing set of sheets. This is something you must splurge on as you want to be comfortable in bed. Remember, the high the thread count, the softer the sheets but you must also look at the cotton. Egyptian cotton is divine!

Also remember that duvet covers also need to be soft and luxurious. You don’t always want to be throwing the duvet off in the middle of a heated moment! Stay away from anything too decorative. Beading and sequins might look like fun but after a few washes can look old and worn. Cotton is the way to go and try to use bold patterns for some fun!

4. Calm down on the pillows

Yes, pillows do make the bed feel more luxorious however not 50! A few to use as accents can definitely bring some glam into the space. Keep it to a minimum. You should have 2 Shams, 2 Pillows, and then 2-3 accent pillows. Not only does it make it hard to make the bed every morning but also makes it harder getting into bed at night! Make it easier for the both of you.

5. Mood Lighting

No one likes to work it out in a space that has fluorescent lights beaming at you in all directions and no one likes it in the dark! So, install some dimmer switches to that over-head ceiling light so you can soften the glow in the room.
For bed side lamps, be sure they are on dimmers as well or at least have 3 different settings to them. You need soft, ambient lighting in a bedroom to create the mood. Candles are obviously fabulous so don’t forget to have one or ten burning in the room for added ambience.

6. Mood Killers

Remove the clutter! Be sure to clean all the clothes off the bed, chair or floor. The only thing that should be on the floor are your clothes once they have been ripped off!
Pets! No one needs a dog, cat, gerble, hamster, or whatever starring at you while you are being intimate. So get the pets out of the bedroom as the last thing you need is cat or dog hair in your mouth while kissing. YUCK!
Family Photos belong in the family room not the bedroom. So keep these away from the bedroom. There are intimate things happening in this room and having my mom or dad starring back at me does not get me in the mood.

Bill Brooks Prostate Cancer Event

On January 22, 2010 I was invited to attend the Bill Brooks Prostate Cancer Event. This is THE event to attend in the city and I was so happy to go. This years theme was Show Some Love for the Glove so we had to come out wearing some sort of glove. I went out and got some fab fingerless gloves with a little bit of stud action! Very Karl Lagerfeld!

A fantastic time was had by all and over $560,000 was raised for Prostate Cancer! LOVE THAT!!!!! Cant wait to see what the theme will be next year.