Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Chic

I know we have all been gagging for Spring to get here, however, these newly introduced pieces from EQ3 will have us thinking fresh thoughts all year round. What else says spring like Linen?! The BLANCHE collection is made in Canada, and is offered in undyed Belgian linen with feather filled bench seating. So chic, stylish and casual.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Subtlety in Design

My junior designer sent over a few inspirations for me yesterday and I was really taken back by this gorgeous space and wanted to share them with you.

We all know how much I love a hit of yellow in a space and this space has done it just right. The minimal interior furnishings really work well with the rustic elements of this space. I also love how each furniture piece speaks for itself, acting like a piece of art.

The lesson here is that a space doesn't need to be filled with furniture and accessories to make it chic and stylish. Be subtle and make each piece of furniture shine in it's own light.

Images from Contemporist.com

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Outdoor Collections from Crate and Barrel

I know it maybe a little too soon to start thinking about outdoor decor, but I couldn't help myself. I need to stray from thinking about snow covered patios to warm evenings spent on the deck, entertaining friends and sipping on delish cockatils!

However, no ordinary patio will do. Crate and Barrel just sent a preview of whats to come for their outdoor collection. I have chosen 4 of my favourite looks. They are all modern, clean lined, and definitely have the injections of colour that I love so much with a rustic edge.

Hit up a store nearest you to make sure you get your hands on these great pieces!

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Communal and Berkshire




Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spring preview from IKEA

It's never too early to think about Spring. I just received some fabulous hand picked items from IKEA's spring collection and could not be more thrilled. A mix of traditional elements with the clean modern aesthetic they are known for. The bright bold colours are also fab to say goodbye to the grey-ness of winter and usher in a bright and sunny spring.

SOCKER Plant Stand, come multifunctional room divider! The possibilities are endless to the function that this piece could serve. 

KVARTAR Pendant Lamp, gives a nod to the flapper dress or peeling petals of an artichoke. The perfect addition of pretty! 

HOLMSEL Armchair, made of renewable rattan that stained green and then coated with lacquer is lightweight and stackable. The bight green colour would be a gorgeous addition to any space. 

GOTTGORA lanterns. Who doesn't like a little candle light. Bring the elegance of a victorian garden into your space. 

FINTORP paper towel holder, may look like simple paper towel holder. But the ingenious metal loop at the top allows for you to hang it on a rail. Perfect for the kitchen but also a craft room! 

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Steven Alan Stripes for West Elm

Collaborations between well known fashion designers and big fashion retailers have become quite popular as of late. Now, home design brands are following suit. The most recent of which is a partnership with fashion designer Steven Alan and West Elm. Known for putting his signature spin on classics, Alan has worked with West Elm to bring the ease of his clothing to this exclusive collection.

The collection is made up of bedding, vases, rugs and furniture for every room. West Elm introduced Alan to artisans in India, Nicaragua, and Haiti where he worked closely to develop these products to speak to each country's heritage.

I love the simple, casual and almost beachy feel of the pieces. They are not trying to hard and can be incorporated into many different spaces. I also really love the colour combinations, soft blues, yellows and greys mixed with patterns such as stripes and geometrics really make this collection light hearted and fun.

The collection is now available at West Elm.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Andronyk Jewelry

I was introduced to the Andronyk Jewelry a few years back at IDSWest. I purchased a ring from Jeanie as I was so intrigued by her designs. Raw, edgy, but with so much refinement, I knew I had fallen in love... with the jewels and Jeanie's fab personality. Her use of silver is nothing like I have seen and as you can see from the photos, these are items like no other.

I wanted to give Jeanie some credit on the Blog as I truly feel she is making items that are so unique and original. Such a pleasure to see someone thinking "outside" of the norm.

Work it out, Jeanie!!!

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Andronyk Jewelry 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Avenue Magazine Feature

We are thrilled to be featured in the December issue of Avenue Magazine. We loved working on this project! The client was great and so open to our design plans for the space. We had some amazing bones to work with and were so happy to get to use some amazing hand crafted wallpapers from KREME and TROVE. The idea was to create a space that didn't feel so bachelor-esque but one that exudes style, sophistication and lightheartedness.

Photos by Bookstrucker Photography